Christmas Bells :)

My church has a Children's Bell Choir. The kiddos play twice a asrsrseyear; around Christmas and Easter. When my oldest was born, I couldn't wait for him to turn 4 so he could participate. Those kiddos stand up there and ring the bells with such gusto. I love it!

My son has played the bells since the golden age of 4. My daughter, has not. She is very introverted. Being in front of an audience is not a natural fit for her.

I was surprised when this year she said she wanted to try the bells. Today was the big day. I was a little nervous for her but I was very excited to see the whole group perform for us. The front pew was filled with children patiently waiting for the cue to stand and grab the bells.

As the children line up and begin to play, I noticed that my girl is holding the bells upside down. Whoops! I thought it was adorable but hoped no one would point it out. It was so hard for her to be up there in the first place. Next thing I knew, she was turning the bells around. I held my breath as she maneuvered the bells hoping she wouldn't drop them. Again, I kept thinking about how upset she would be if she was embarrassed. But the bells were righted, and she never missed a step.

I was so proud of both my kiddos and I enjoyed listening to the "joyful noise" the whole group made. And I'm sure I had that Silly Mommy Grin the whole time.

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