Can You Make A Grape Float?

I can. My son got a really neat book on experiements for kids. This morning, as I was cleaning the bathrooms (the bathroom cleaning fairy must have run off with the laundry fairy) my son came in asking if we could do one of his new experiments. I said sure. I had no idea what I was in for. And science was not really my strength in school. But if both of my kiddos were workin together (they were gathering the materials needed) while they waited for me to finish cleaning, I was going to give it a try.

The experiment was a lesson on density. It was also very simple to do. It was fun spending the time together. I enjoyed asking their predictions and hearing what they were thinking. Both of the Mini's were pretty amazed. Just so you know, a grape is more dense than water so it sinks to the bottom of the cup. Sugar water is more dense than a grape so the grape will sink to the bottom and them float to the top of the water. Then we mixed water with sugar water and guess what happened? The grape sunk. You have to have way more sugar water than water to make the grape float.

This only took a few minutes of our morning. I am so glad I agreed to see this through with my kiddos. What a fun way to start our holiday vacation together. Maybe we can do a few more while the Mini's are on break from school.

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  1. I thought you were going to say you make grape floats, the ones with ice cream and grape pop. You can see where my mind is going today!


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