After Christmas Play

Te presents have been opened and a few days have passed. Now is the time to see which gifts were a "hit" and which were only good in theory.

The princess tent was a hit :). My girl has been climbing in there to read, to draw, to play and to sleep. This is a cozy place for her to go and have fun in a private spot.

The easel was another winner. My little girl loves to play school and spends lots of time drawing. This easel is frequently used for both jobs :)

This is my son playing his new game for the wii. It is a NHL game. For months I've listened to a football game in the background of my house. Now I am hearing an ice hockey game. I'm not complaining. I was tired of the football commentators :)

My little man is a huge fan of Legos. He ha wanted the police station for about a year. He started it yesterday and has made good progress. He'll be finished with the whole set soon.

We are very blessed. It makes me happy to see my kiddos enjoying the gifts they were given. There were other presents and some of them have had a lot of use so far buy I didn't want to take too many pictures. This was a very good Christmas for these guys. And while I'm thrilled to see them use the gifts they were given, they both know that the presents are nice but Christmas is really about Jesus' birthday.

What were some of the "hits" at your house?

Thanks for reading Java Talk. Please share your thoughts below.

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