We are all busy.  We are busy with family, with work, with our homes, with church and many other things. It's no wonder we often say, "I wish I had more time in a day".  I do not have a way to add time to our day.  What I have to share is a new appreciation for how and we spend that time.  I'm sad to say that this has been brought on by a very tragic event.

A local boy was hit by a car while he was trick or treating and he did not make it.  The driver was not at fault.  It was a mistake that took a moment, and has changed the lives of so many.  Over the past week, I have often found myself looking at my kiddos and my heart hurts for this family.  My children make me crazy, mad, proud and they make me laugh.  But they are mine.  It is when I have these moments, I find I have a little bit more patience.  I read another book.  And I give hugs until the Mini's get squirmy, haha.

I say my kiddos are mine, but I know they are a gift from God and only He knows the number of days that my children, my husband and I will have.  This is a very scary thought to someone who is such a control freak (Me).

I am not writing this to be depressing.   I'm sharing this to urge us all to recognize who and what are really important.  We are not guaranteed to have dinner together tonight much less have tomorrow.  Of course there is not such thing as living in perfect harmony (not here on earth) but love is real, forgiveness is real and time spent with those we love is so important.   Think about how you want to spend your time over the next week and make it happen.

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