Little Brother

Meet Little Brother. Yes, it's a football. But it has practically become a part of our family.

Fortune past several months, this has been attached at the hand to my son. Surprisingly, he doesn't sleep with it.

He parts with his Little Brother as I've taken to call this ball, when he sleeps, play wii and when he eats. When he sits at the dinner table, LB is on the floor by his seat.

What does my Boy Mini do with his LB? He tosses it in the air over and over and over and over... He dives across the floor to catch it.

When he was playing soccer, he was known to kick the ball around the house but it was nothing like his attachment to LB.

I think it's funny. I think it's kind of cute. I hope it's normal. But LB is responsible for slowing my kiddo down ALOT. He tries to do everything with one hand. It doesn't seem to cross his mind to drop the ball and do the task before him.

Having been one of two daughters, I never know what to expect from my son. Sometimes LB gets on my nerves. But most of the time I find it amusing and I know it will end eventually when my Boy Mini picks up a new hobby. For right now, I'm going to secretly enjoy each toss, dive and catch I see.

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