The Intimidator

Last week while my Mother in Law was here, I bought a fun craft kit. I am making an apron. Not just any apron, a cute one with beads and bling of course.

I love making new things. There is such a sense of accomplishment once I've completed a project. Since I've had kids though, I have been creating less and less.

So I bought this kit to make an adorable apron. And I decide I have to have this because at the end of the month my church is planning a women's retreat where the theme is "the Tie that Binds" and everyone is supposed to being their apron. I'm so excited.

I do not own a sewing machine (or didn't until three days ago). I was off to a great start on the apron and I was seeing by hand. I finally got to a point where UFO was going to see by hand, it was going to take me weeks to do the edging. I decided to purchase an inexpensive sewing machine. Who knows what I can use it for in the future so I saw this as a wise investment.

It showed up three days ago. And it still sits. I am so intimidated by this thing I don't even know where to begin. So I haven't. I haven't used a seeing machine since I took Related Arts class in 9th grade (1991).

I am going to spend this afternoon and this weekend trying to figure this machine out. I want it to be super simple, but I admit, I'm overwhelmed and scared.

Wish me luck! And be sure to check back because when the apron is finished, I'll post a picture.

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