A Good Day

I hope your thanksgiving was a very nice day spent with the people you love. We had a great day at our house.

We had a relaxed morning. Andy went to a nearby town to run in a Turkey Trot. He was 17 out of 150 in his age group. Hooray Andy!

While he was gone, the kids and I finished our putting out the Christmas decorations. This year I placed a few things in different places. Changed it up a bit. I love it all! When the decorating was done, I did my workout at here at home.

My contribution to our dinner was the apple pie and the sweet potatoes. Andy made the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pies. I warmed the green beans and put out the cranberry sauce.

The Turkey was done early. The family arrived right on time. We had a great time around the table. The Mini's had a one track mind...focused on the pies!

We kind of cleaned up as we went along so there was never too much to do at once. The weather was warm so the kids were in and out throughout the rest of the day. Football was on in the living room. In the kitchen, the ladies grabbed a cup of coffee and looked through the sales flyers while we talked and played several rounds of the game Racko.

We ended this great day with goodbyes and making plans to spend tomorrow together. Our Daddy has to work tomorrow, but my sister and both of my parents have off tomorrow. So the kiddos and I are going to make the most of this holiday and get lots of family time in while we can :)

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