Feeling Festive

So the tree is up.

I love my Christmas tree. All those twinkling lights. So peaceful. So relaxing. Sitting in an otherwise dark room lit by my Christmas tree is my "happy place" for the next few weeks.

My front door is decorated.

Again, I think the lights change everything about this doorway. I made the Santa about 6 yrs ago alongside my mother-in-law. Before kids, she and I always worked on some creative project over the holidays. My son was a baby when I made this. I think this was our last project.

Last night I made the wreath.

Nothing too fancy. But it was fun to throw together and finish off the look of the front door. I stopped at the craft store to pick up some ribbon for another project and this idea for a wreath popped into my head. I quick grabbed the supplies (I only spent $11.00 on the entire project!) and couldn't wait to get started.

Until recently, it had been a long time since I've been in a crafting mode. Now that I've been creating a few things I feel like I need to find a new project. There is just something about having an idea and then making it happen. Often it comes out completely different from my first idea but it never seems to matter to me. The sense of accomplishment while looking at a finished project is a terrific feeling. I wonder what I'll get into next...

Have you started or finished decorating for the holidays? It seems that people are really starting early this year. Personally, I love it. (remember my happy place). Is it still too soon for all the holiday pretties? Share your thoughts.

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