Cooking up memories

Last night my Girl Mini and I made cookies together. I've been telling her for days that we were going to do this but our schedule wasn't cooperating. So after dinner was cleaned up, we tied on our aprons and got to work.

We made chocolate oatmeal raisin cookies. The most exciting part for me was that I let her be an active participant throughout the whole process. I've mentioned in the past my aversion to big messes. I usually start a baking project with my little helper full of good intentions but if I'm honest I must admit she ends up being a companion while I work.

This has always left me feeling very guilty. She wants to cook with me. She wants to get her hands in the mix. I want these things too. I just have trouble keeping the smile on my face when the ingredients end up all over the counter and floor.

But I'm thrilled that last night was different. I'm not sure why the difference. My mood? My kiddo is getting older and more capable? It was a Monday night? Who knows? I don't. And I don't care either. I'm just happy I was more relaxed because we had a wonderful time making these cookies together.

I measured, she poured. She cracked the eggs (no shells!) I mixed first then when the batter got wet, I let her mix. I filled to cookie scoop, she squeezed the batter onto the pans. We were a great team. And while we were working together on these cookies, we just talked. She counted cookies on the pan. I explained 12 makes a dozen. We talked about school. And recipes and lots of other stuff.

I was really blessed by this time with my SweetPea. At the end of the night when it was time to say our prayers, my heart smiled when she thanked Jesus that, "me and mommy made cookies tonight". I'm looking forward to many more opportunities to bond with my Girl Mini in the kitchen :)

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  1. I remember the first time I took my stepson out on a flooring installation job with me. He never showed any interest in the past for what I do for a living, working with tools and building things. So I really didn't think he was gonna be much help. But boy oh boy did he surprise me. He got right in there, using the tools,and learning how the floor was properly installed. We had a wonderful time together and we got to share in the awesome feeling of great job completed.


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