Confessions of a multi-tasker

Everyone is busy. Life never seems to slow down. So what do we learn to do? Mult-task. Some people are better than others. Sometimes I feel proud of all I can accomplish. Other times I feel overwhelmed. And still other times, I feel guilty. I've gotten so used to doing three things at once, I have a terrible time getting myself to stop juggling tasks and focus on one task or person.

I love music. Always have. When Andy and I started dating, he hated that I was always singing to the radio while we were talking. In my mind, I was singing which I found relaxing and enjoyed AND I was involved in a conversation. In his mind, I wasn't listening. I learned to turn the radio off.

I was ready yesterday about how to teach your children to become good listeners. Rule number 1...set a good example. Oops!

Of course I listen to them. While I'm reading, cooking, talking on the phone...but how often to I just mumbled,"uh-huh" or "really?". I say "hold on" or "give me a minute" way too often.

I'm not saying every time my children speak I need to drop everything and eagerly wait for every word they want to say. But I need to do a much better job of giving them my full attention. When you have the full attention of the person you are trying to speak to, you feel important, like what you have to say matters. To my Mini's, Mommy is very sorry and I am going to work on being a better listener. I get annoyed when my Boy Mini is focused on the wii and I can tell he isn't hearing what I am saying. That make me crazy. I need to change how I listen to them so they will listen better to me.

To my family and friends that can tell my attentions are divided while we are talking. I'm sorry. I'm aware that I struggle with this. I am going to try to be a better listener to you as well. Please be patient with me. I'm definitely one who feels the more I accomplish, the better the day I've had. But I do love you and want you to know what you say matters to me.

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