Can't get away from the ugliness

All week, the talk from all types of media has been about the Sandusky Scandal.  I cannot fathom such evil and have to work very hard to avoid too many details of this case because it is being shared every where you turn.  This post is not about the Monster and what he has done.  This post isn't about how I feel about the moral failings of the Penn State employees.  Today, I am talking as the mom of a little boy who is obsessed with sports.

Before my Boy Mini could read the words, he had a morning routine of "reading" the sports section of the newspaper each day.  He might not have understood the words on the pages but he did know numbers.  He did know what the teams symbols looked like so he could tell you who played who and who won.  He has never been exclusive, not by team or by sport.  He loves it all.

Today, I write as a mom who has decided along with his Dad, that he was not to see the newspaper today.  There is too much talk of this scandal and these are things that my little man does not need to know about at this young age.  I'm sure he wont understand much of what is written which will lead to questions that will lead to more questions and I am not ready to expose him to such ugliness yet.

Andy wasn't even sure how he would take the news that Joe Paterno was retiring from coaching.  He didn't question much, I guess the fact that this man is so old makes it easy to make an assumption as to why he would leave.  But that was last night.  This morning, it is announced that Joe Paterno is fired, effective immediately.  I'm not sure if that information is necessary to share with our little guy but if we do, we will need to have some explanation ready.  Obviously a watered down version.

I guess what I am trying to say is that this is the first time, we have had to make a judgement call to remove the newspaper from his morning routine because of the content.  This makes me sad.  Until this morning, most of the information has been in other sections of the newspaper, so my kiddo has still gotten to read the Sports Section.  This may seem like a small thing to you but to me it is the big picture that counts.  As a parent, it is my job to protect my children and explain to them the good, the bad and the ugly of this world.  I love my children and I will do what it takes to preserve their innocence while I can without keeping them in a bubble.  This scandal is too much.  It is too ugly.  I only want to answer specific questions they bring to me (or more likely Andy) and I want those questions answered as simple as can be.

This world can be such an ugly place.  This newspaper this morning was a stark reminder.  It makes me sad that as parents we felt the best choice was to forgo the entire paper for today.  But that is a call we chose to make.  I'm glad Andy and I felt the same.  **Note to self** Make sure the TV stays on Disney XD for the next few days and keep my little man away from the sports networks as a precaution.  

This will pass from the media.  Some day, he will learn the truths.  But for today, because Andy and I love him too much, we will protect him from the things that he cannot understand.

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