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I Don't Know How She Does It by Allison Pearson.

I finished reading this book last night.  I really struggled through most of the book.  Not because it was badly written or because I hated the plot.  As I mentioned earlier this week, reading the thoughts of the main character was very hard for me.  It wasn't necessarily the content of the thoughts, it was the breakneck pace that these thoughts seemed to run through her mind.  I was so tense and at time felt like it was hard to breathe.

We met for Book Club yesterday afternoon.  I was only 80% through the book.  That is not normal for me. I usually finish the book with weeks to spare.  Anyway...as talk of the book progressed, something caught my interest so I decided to finish the book.  I'm glad I did.

I had already begun to see a slight shift in the main character's thoughts by 80% and wanted to see how this story ended.  I do not want to give anything away but I will say that the main character definitely learned a few important lessons.  Around 80% she was beginning to see things differently but there is a difference between seeing what needs changed and making some changes.

I will end this by saying, that I am glad that I finished the book.  This is not my favorite book but I would probably recommend this book to a friend.  With the warning that in my mind, it was the end that made the book.  I can see that this book is not for everyone.  That's what is so fun about Book Club.  One friend identified with the main character and enjoyed the book.  One friend also connected with the main character on some level and for that she didn't like the book.  Another friend, thought the story was good but she didn't like the main character at all.  I think that is very interesting.  For a small group of women (some who work outside of the home, some who work from home, some who do not work) to read the same book and have such different experiences is intriguing to me.  To see  how others filtered their experiences through the same same story is very revealing.  And I think we learn a little more about each other through this experience.

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