Tales of Hosting our First Sleepover

I know I'm a newbie when it comes to sleepovers.  I wasn't really sure I was ready to take on this phase of life.  And now that its over, I'm thinking, I probably am not ready.  It wasn't horrible.  It just was very stressful.

To celebrate my sons' seventh birthday, we let him invite 3 friends to spend the night.  4 makes a nice even number so 3 guests were allowed.  He didn't hesitate as he chose who to invite.  I thought to myself...okay, four boys.  We'll take them out for pizza.  Come home, have cake/presents.  Watch a movie and off to bed they go".  That is actually pretty much how the evening went.  I just didn't expect the noise level.  And some of the personalities didn't mix together as smoothly as I would have liked.

One friend had to go home after the movie because his parent's were going out of town the next morning.  Disappointing but okay.  When it was time for bed, the boys were still pretty excited.  But sleep was necessary because the birthday boy had to be up early the next morning for a football game that started at 9 the next day.  That's right.  9 am.  Every other week the games haven't started until 10 or 12 but of course, this weekend, the game had to start at 9 which meant he had to be on the field at 8.

One kiddo fell asleep...two did not.  They were calming down but  not sleeping.  I went to bed.  Eventually another boy fell asleep.  One did not.  At 12:45, the last one came into my room to say he still couldn't go to sleep.  The poor guy had been trying for hours to go to sleep.  He had this awful cough all night.   I started to think it was an asthma cough so we called home.  Mom came to pick up her little man so he could get some medicine and hopefully, fall asleep.

Two boys gone, two boys left to wake up the next morning.  I wonder what they thought when they woke up and noticed they were one sleeping bag short from when they went to bed last night.

So my little man had to get up and get ready to play football so there wasn't much of a sleepover after-party, sorry boys.

All in all, this wasn't a bad experience.  It was probably typical for something I try to pull off but we rolled with the punches.  I think I have learned I am ready to have one friend at a time sleepover.  And I think I have learned that I still really dislike midget football and how it ruins my schedule.   I also think I've learned that I love my son's friends and I really hope they had a good time.  Despite our many tiny bumps along the way.

I imagine a sleepover with girls will be much different.  And I am almost positive I am not ready for a house full of squealing little girls.  So we will hold off on trying this with my Girl Mini for a few years.


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