Silly Picture

Meet our Family Preying Mantis. No, this picture is not upside-down. This visitor has been staying with us all week.

My daughter discovered him at the beginning of the week. She named him Cookie Climber. I'm not sure where that came from but she didn't hesitate on the choice.

On our front stoop, we have a huge flower display. We watch him from inside the house because he likes to hang out on the other side of the sidelight (the windows on the side of the front door).

I have no idea how long he will be around but for now we enjoy looking for him each day. And when the kids' friends stop by, he is a very neat attraction to be shared ;)

I never thought about how long an insect stays in one spot but now I'm curious to see if he is still there each day. Time will tell. I wonder what the life expectancy is of a preying mantis. This one seems huge, does that mean he has had a long life so far?

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