Scooby Snack Treats

My husband and I think that party bags for a kids party need to be forgotten. What a pain to fill them. And then they are filled with junk that get thrown away within a few days. He always tells me not to bother but of course, I can't be the mom who starts the No Party Treat Bag Movement. So here is my plan for this year.

My son is having his first sleepover. Just a couple of boys. They are going to watch a Scooby Do movie. So this year, I am getting creative with my treat bags.

I needed Scooby Snack graham sticks, chocolate chips and sprinkles.

I melted my chocolate in the microwave. Dipped each Scooby Snack in the chocolate. Then ran the chocolate covered end through the sprinkles.

I happen to already have pumpkin bags on hand. So I put a few snacks in each bag and Voila! Party bags are done :)

I think they turned out pretty cute. And no dollar store junk to be thrown away. Not to mention it made me feel pretty crafty.

What do you think? Are party treat bags ridiculous?

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