Passing It On

A little background...

Twice a year, my church has a free clothing giveaway for the people in the community.  We call this event, Pass It On.  I have been a part of the team that organizes this event since it began a few years ago.  In the beginning, I participated because I felt being on the team that thought of this idea, meant I should be very involved in the process.  On the actual day of the event, I was blown away by the number of people who came to get clothes.  Over 200 people.  I had no idea there was such a need in our community.  This made a huge impact on me. I know there are people suffering all over the world, but these were people who live close to my home.  They were real people.  And this clothing giveaway is one way that we as a church can share God's love with the people who live nearby.

My Kids...

For the past few years, my kiddos have heard me talk a lot about Pass It On.  When we are cleaning out drawers, we have piles of clothes that will go to Pass It On.  The weeks before the event, I spend a lot of time at church sorting through clothes and setting up for the big day.   They see people each week bringing clothes in to church each week and putting them in the back room to be sorted later.  They hear announcements asking for volunteers to set up, sort and to help out on the day of the giveaway.  These are tasks that my children have grown up hearing about.  I am glad about that.

I still feel they are too young to help out on the actual day of the giveaway.  There are too many people around.  I am also one of the people in charge so I'm all over the place doing this and that so I know my attentions will be too divided to keep a close eye on them.  But at this young age, they are learning two things...
1. This is important
2.  They can help

When they grow out of their clothes, they start separating clothes for Pass it On.  I am proud that my children know that they can give their things to those who are without.  They ask why people need clothes which has led to many important conversations.   I want them to know that they are very blessed.  I also want them to know when we share our material things we are loving people.

My kiddos may be too young to help out on the day of the event but this year, they have been able to help set up.  For both events this year, they have worked right along with the other people (mostly adults) setting up tables, and carrying bags and bags and bags and bags of clothes from the shed to the gym where we host the event.  They work hard right alongside everyone else who helps.  They are giving up their time to play wii or to play with the neighborhood kids for one afternoon, to do something important that will benefit others.

I am so blessed to be a part of such a great ministry.  I am so proud of my kids for being hard workers as we set up and as we gather clothing to give away.  I am glad that they are growing up in an environment where we have found a way to help other people.  It is so neat to watch them grow up and want to be a part of something so community focused.  I feel so blessed for countless reasons today.

What community projects have you gotten your kids to help with?

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