Slide, swings or climber?

Slides, Swings or Climbers?  No doubt, if you were to see me playing at a park as a kid, I would be on the swings.  I loved to swing.  The back and forth was so soothing.  I loved swinging high.  And I loved singing while I was on the swing.  I spent a lot of time singing on the swings.

That's not to say that I didn't go down the slides or climb the climbers.  I did.  But the swings were my favorite.  Such a simple piece of equipment.  But most likely, where you would find me.  Of course, it probably doesn't help that I broke my wrist twice as a child.  Once when I landed wrong when I jumped off the monkey bars.  And once when I landed wrong trying to jump off of a slide.  I know, you are not supposed to jump off of a slide.  What else can I say, I was a kid.  

Its your turn.  Slides, Swings, or Climbers?  

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