No Fun for Halloween

No fun, that's me. At least that's me when it comes to Halloween. I've never been a big fan of this holiday. Not as a young trick or greater or as an adult. And even now that I am a mommy with trick or treaters of my own, I still could do without this event.

What's not to like about dressing up and getting candy? For me, a lot. I stopped dressing up by choice at a pretty young age. Which was okay because my family started a new tradition on Halloween to take the place of trick or treating. We would watch a video full of episodes of the show, The Monkeys. We would pause the show to hand out candy but we enjoyed lot of laughs through the years on that night.

As an adult, I stress over how much candy to give. I really do. One piece? Two? Am I being stingy? What if they don't like this candy? Over think much? I'm the Queen of Over Thinking. I steer clear of that duty as much as possible.

When the candy collecting is over, then I have two huge bags of candy that I will now have to fight against the urge to eat for the next two weeks or so. That is no fun!

I'm okay with the kids dressing up in cute costumes and walking around with their friends. I'd rather it be a warmer month but I try really hard to stay cheerful for my Mini's. I do not like the scary side of Halloween.

...All this to explain to you why I don't really have Halloween decorations around the house. We do get pumpkins and Andy carves them with the kiddos. But, you won't find much more than that at our house.

The other day, my Girl Mini asked if we could get some. I kind of blew the request off and the day went on. Later that afternoon, she came downstairs looking for some tape. She had made her own decorations and she wanted to hang them on the front door.

This is her handiwork...

She did such a great job! Her ghosts are adorable and I smile every time I pull into the driveway. I'm glad I didn't run out and buy decorations because they would not have meant anything to me. I was proud of my Sweetpea for using her imagination and making her own fun.

Trick or Treating is this Thursday. (around here they always do it the Thurs before the 31st. I still don't know why) I am going to try really hard to enjoy the moments (few hours) with my kiddos. This may never have been my idea of fun, but they seem to like it. I do not want to get in the way of that enjoyment. Maybe it will be catchy and I'll have a great night too. If nothing else, some one should score a peanut butter cup that I'll get to enjoy :)P

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