Marketing to your dog.


I heard about this today and had to read more.  What I heard was that the owners of Beneful dog food (Nestle) has targeted our pups in a commercial that will soon be airing on European TV.  Really!  That's what I heard. They are placing high pitched sound throughout the commercial that should grab a dog's attention.   I've heard that there is a certain range of sound that we as humans cannot hear.  These noises are however in the range for a dog to hear.  This makes me think of those Deer Whistles that I had on my 1990 Prizm that was supposed to whistle as I drove and scare the deer away.  I have no idea if they worked, but I never hit a deer.

Back to the commercial.  So, at certain points in this commercial, this noise will be played which should cause your canine to become alert and look towards the TV (the source of the sound).  I imagine these sound clips will be strategically placed so our doggie friends will react in perfect time to what the commercial is trying to suggest...our four legged babies, would love to have this fantastic food, of course!

On doing my research for this commercial, I found a video clip of a commercial for Beneful.  Coincidentally, my doggie girl was outside with me.  I decided to play the clip and watch for a reaction. Unfortunately, the commercial was in another language (German I think).  So I didn't understand if this was the actual commercial where they are using this marketing strategy.  I can say, my greyhound had no reaction whatsoever.  This may not have been the commercial in question.  Or, maybe it was, and she doesn't understand German?

Here is a copy of the link to the commercial.  If you have a dog, give it a try and let me know if your pet is begging you for some Beneful.


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