I read a question...What is the last thing that you lost?  As someone who rarely loses anything, I was surprised that something immediately popped into my mind.  What was the lost item?  My iPod Touch.  Before I had my iPhone, I had an iTouch.  I loved this device almost as much as I love my phone.  But I found myself always lugging around my cell phone and my iTouch.  Enter  iPhone...

Anyway, over the past year I have unofficially given my Touch to the kiddos.  I put a few games on it for them.  And I have loaded some of their music onto it as well.  Sometimes the Girl Mini has it.  Sometimes the Boy Mini has it.  Several months ago...we discovered it was LOST!

I was NOT a happy mommy when we searched and could not find the Touch.  Even though, I didn't need it anymore, it was still a relatively expensive "toy" and for the kids to lose it was just plain irresponsible.  So from time to time, we would search everywhere in the house...with no luck.  I started asking my friends if they had seen it.  Maybe one of my kiddos took it to someone else's house?  Nope, no one had seen it.

This went on for months!  A few weeks ago, I was at church on a lovely Sunday morning.  I reached into the pocket of what I call my Bible Bag.  (A cute bag that I carry my bible, bottle of water and other random things needed for church each week)  Guess what I pulled out?  You got it...the lost iTouch!!!!

You know what that means, right?  It was probably my fault it was missing.  Most likely, the Girl Mini took it to entertain herself before church one week.  Then when Sunday School was about to start, I took it and put it in my bag....where I forgot about it.  Ugh!  All those times I lectured my kiddos about being responsible with our things, and they didn't lose this one.  Oh well, those lectures still apply to all the things they do misplace.  Besides, how well do you think they were actually listening to those lectures.

I'm happy to say that the iTouch was lost but it is now found....Yay!  I keep a much closer eye on that little device these days.  What was the last thing you lost?   

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  1. I guess it just goes to show that we never really lose anything, we just forget where we put it.


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