I survived my first football season

We did it.  Our first year as parents of a football player is over.  Three 2-hour practices a week plus one game are over.  Making my son come home from school and immediately do his homework so he can eat and rush off to football is no longer necessary.  The breakneck pace of homework, dinner and running out the door at 5:30 has finally come to an end.  This mommy is so relieved.

Today is the first day of this freedom.  Homework will be done.  Dinner will be made.  But now, I get the bonus of spending time with my kiddos.  We get to enjoy our dinner as a family.  We no longer have to shovel our faces full of food and then divide and go in separate directions for the night (usually boys go to football and girls do something else).  I am really looking forward to tonight.  I am looking forward to enjoying our meal together.

By the end of the season, my son was enjoying football.  I can say I am truly happy about that, for his sake. Honestly, I'd still rather he play a sport that is less time consuming but I do want him to be happy.   Tonight I want to celebrate.  Being home together for the whole evening is something that I wont be taking for granted.   I am so ready for our lives to slow down again.  Tonight, I am going to look around the table and listen to what my family has to share.  I am going to smile as we eat and then clean up.  I plan on enjoying each NOT rushed moment with these special people in my life. I will be a very Happy Mommy tonight, feeling content and very blessed.

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