Don't forget. Don't forget. Don't...


This Friday my kiddos have an early dismissal from school.  That's fine.  I had to move an appointment that was already made when I realized the Mini's would be home at that time, but no big deal.  It isn't, not really.

Except...my daughter, who has afternoon kindergarten, starts school very early that day.  She normally catches the bus at 12:30, but not this Friday.  On this day, school STARTS at 11:15.  Last year, my son had morning kindergarten so I had no idea "they" could play around with the time school starts.  It seems that they can.  Okay, so starting early isn't a very big deal either.  The school is even providing a free school lunch for her.  But I am terrified, I'm going to forget to get her to the bus stop on time.

On Friday, my little one enjoys her gymnastics class and then we be-bop around until it is time to head home for lunch.   No can do this week.  I have to remember to bring her school clothes to gymnastics.  And after class, she must quickly get dressed.  Then we will drive straight to the bus stop and off she will go.  I don't really handle change very well.  And until she is on the bus, I will constantly be worrying that I will forget to send her off at this special time.   Friday will come and go and it will all work out.   Until then, it'll just keep running it through  my mind.  I'll probably set a reminder on my iPhone as precaution.  And if you listen closely, you'll probably hear me chanting this to myself, "Don't forget, don't forget, don't forget..."

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  1. MMm...change no matter how small is a big deal to me too. A creature of habit and when it involves my kiddos...it may be small in detail but mentally it's huge. Guaranteed I will forget SOMETHING.. but what I've learned over the years is that it does not make me a bad mommy. In the grand scheme of things, that one small thing I forgot, I will soon forget. LOL! Now what's the agenda for tomorrow again?


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