Dawn's Trailmix

Yum! Trailmix is one of the most satisfying snacks a girl can eat. It's like a taste buffet in one bite. What? Well, it kind of is. You get crunchy, salty, sweet, and chocolate all in one bite. I'm sure everyone could create their own version of the "perfect bite".

I don't make Trailmix often because I tend to have a hard time walking away from this treat. But when I do make it, I like to have fun. This was my latest creation and in this house, we all agree it is a winner :)

I was in the bulk candy aisle to get my mini M&Ms when I discovered the mini animal crackers. They were so cute, I grabbed a scoopful for my T-Mix. I use the mini M&Ms so I get the chocolate taste without all the chocolate calories. I only get a small scoop of the chocolate goodness. I throw in marshmallows, raisins and peanuts. My final ingredient was the cereal, Crackling Oat Bran. I've never used this cereal before but it was a great addition. I'll be using the COB again.

These foods work great together. Mix everything up well and store in an airtight container. This makes a great snack in a bagged lunch, to be eaten at home or thrown in a baggie to eat on the go.

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  1. Made your granola Sunday (w/ cinnamon honey). Never buying granola again! It is so good, although I'm having trouble not eating it all day.

  2. Toni, I'm so excited you tried this recipe and thrilled you loved it! As for the trouble keeping out of the granola, after the first few batches, I was able to just enjoy a proper amount and stop goin back throughout the day ;)


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