Can't get it write...(haha)

Just so you know, Write was misspelled on purpose.  But I have noticed that there is one word that I misspell EVERY time I use it.  And apparently, I use it a lot.  I actually went to use this word as I was writing another post and when the squiggly red line showed up below, I got frustrated and started this post.

So the word I can never get right is "definitely".  I didn't even get it right just then!  All I have to say is I'm so thankful for spell check.  When I was in high school, I always spelled "special" wrong.  One teacher pointed that out to me and I learned how to get it right.  Of course, for the next few years, I was always anxious if I had to write that word.  "does the i or the a come first?"   Eventually, I'll figure definately(how I want to spell it every time!) out.

There you have it.  The one word that trips me up without fail.  Please share a word that you misspell below so that I don't feel like such a goof!

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  1. Dawn, there are so many words I'm not sure about that if I didn't have spellcheck, I would have a dictionary beside me all the time. Two words that seem simple enough, refer and travel, hang me up in the past tense. Do I add another r or l? I sometimes change my sentence to avoid it. You are not alone!


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