Workout with Denise Austin

My husband's company was hosting a health fair. This is a big company. So big they were able to bring in Denise Austin to do a signing and lead a workout session. My hubby got permission for me to take the class! Hooray for me!!!!

When I was starting my weight loss journey, I discovered Denise. I have so many of her workout DVDs. You had to get used to them but she really made you work hard. So I loved it. Over the past two years, I have begun taking classes at the Y so I don't exercise at home very often. But this amazing woman is awesome at what she does. So I was super excited to get this chance.

Here we are before class during the signing. She was so nice to talk to. She chatted with both of my Mini's while she signed my DVD as well as the one for my mother-in-law.

The workout was so much fun! We did a little bit of everything a total body workout What surprised me was that there was no official workout music. There was quiet music playing throughout the office building. We could hear that but we weren't using it to keep time with. I never thought about exercising without music. But if I had, I would have assumed you couldn't work out as well without it. Guess what? You totally can. I was super sweaty by the end of our hour. The music is a great tool but it isn't necessary.

Afterward, I went up to her again and shook get hand. I thanked her and told her that I really enjoyed myself. Then I told her that I use to weigh over 200lbs and that while I was losing the weight, I often used her DVDs. I'm sure she hears this all of the time. But she still looked impressed and then asked if I had any "before" pictures. I do. Then she asked if I would email it to her website. She said she'd love to post my story. I'll send a picture, who knows, maybe it will end up on her site.

I had a great time. I enjoyed meeting this fitness guru. She was very down to earth and had a great sense of humor. I'm so glad for the opportunity to participate. Thanks Hun for thinking of me!

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