Time for Change

Change is hard. Harder for some people than others but I think most people would agree, that change is hard.

My Book Club, a very small group of great gals is facing a change. We had a hard time getting together throughout the summer because of vacations and other responsibilities out of the home. That's life, right? I thought we may be headed towards dissolving our book club, but that idea didn't seem to go over too well. So it is time for change.

Since our kids are all about the same age (most of us met through preschool...our kids' preschool, not ours, lol) and they are getting bigger. Almost all of the kids are in full day school. They are almost all involved in out of school activites. Then there are commitments at church and work, etc. You get the picture...busy lives = need for change.

So we came up with a new idea. Instead of trying to find a night that we could meet each month (and have another commitment away from our families) we are going to meet during the day. Of course, one of our kiddos is in the early preschool years and one is in morning kindergarden so when could we meet where someone wasn't on Mommy duty? Lucky for us, we have a local cafe that has the answer. The Playhouse Cafe is a cafe where you pay a fee and then they watch your kids while you have Mommy Time! We've all spent time at this cafe and now it seems to be the answer to our situation.

I'm looking forward to getting book club up and running again. We haven't gotten together often but we always have a great time. I expect being able to meet consistantly is going to be great for us.

Change isn't always easy. Our kids are getting older and busier. That's a lot of change in itself. Change can be uncomfortable but in this instance I'm excited to start this change!

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