Menu Monday

Keep in mind two things as you read on.  First, I don't plan which night to make each meal.  And second, I usually plan five meals for the week, but this week I get a day off because we are celebrating my son's seventh birthday on Friday night so this Mom gets a break from making dinner ;)

Meals for this week are planned to be...

Bacon Spinach Salad...Yummy.  I love bacon on pretty much anything.  The dressing I make to go on this salad is so good.  I can not believe how easy it is to make your own dressing.  

Broccoli Cheese Soup (I was planning on this last week and never got around to it.  Last week we had several warmer days and I just couldn't bring myself to make soup on those days).

Nutritious Nuggets with steamed asparagus.  These nuggets are also very easy to make and much better for you to eat.  Real chicken, no yucky chicken pieces go into these.

Pork Tenderloin (either oven baked or cooked in the crockpot...to be determined later) with roasted vegetables.

Okay, my week is planned out.  Anyone else out there thinking ahead?  If you are ever interested in one of my menu choices, just leave a comment and I will post the recipe.  

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