Made with real fruit...Really?

Yes, I'm pretty picky about what I feed my kids. I wouldn't say I'm fanatical, but I'm definitely conscientious. One food item I despise and think are a complete waste of calories is fruit snacks. There was a day when my kids got their daily dose of fruit snacks. But that day is long gone. I guess sometimes it wouldn't be bad to eat them but I just don't like having this food around.

Someone I love very much bought my kids two boxes a long time ago. After many months, they are still unopened in my pantry...until tonight. After dinner my son asked for a dessert and since the Mini's no longer EXPECT dessert after dinner each night, I said yes. But there wasn't much that qualified as dessert material.

Enter the fruit snacks in question. I grabbed the box and as I went to open it a few words caught my eye.

Read the words in the apple at the bottom right corner? "Made with real fruit". I thought, let's check this out. Maybe I misjudged the common fruit snack. Underneath the giant "real fruit" there was an (*) so I turned to the side panel to further research this claim of real fruit. This is what I found.

Yes...there is "equal to 20% fruit" in one pack of fruit snacks. What does that even mean? I can't believe they are able to advertise that this product is "made with real fruit". That's like saying a boat with holes is mostly waterproof. Seriously, call it what it is. Or don't say anything at all. People who are going to buy fruit snacks will still buy them. Don't lie to the consumer that these snacks are made with real fruit.

I realize these fruit snacks are only 80 calories out of an entire days calorie consumption. But really, why waste these 80 calories on rubbery, processed food that is made with so much sugar, corn syrup, flavorings and dyes? For 80 calories, you could eat a banana, a cup of blueberries, 1/2 an English muffin, or a serving of reduced fat cheese. These are just a few examples. My point is there are much better food choices that will be healthier and provide more for my child than temporary entertainment as they look at each fruit snack before they eat it.

It's your turn. Should the food industry be allowed to call "equal to 20% of real fruit" "made with real fruit"?

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