Little Man

Today my son is 7 years old. The time has flown by. Knowing this in your head and knowing from experience are two different things.

Naturally on this day I think over your life so far. I remember not knowing how to make you stop crying the first night we brought you home. I think of how you used to help daddy "mow" the grass with your bubble mower while he mowed the yard.

I remember you saying words like "cook, cook" while waiting for food to cook in the microwave. And of course my favorite, "gunny" for peanut butter and jelly.

You have played with cars and trucks. Built with Lincoln Logs. Enjoyed so many sports. Today you are crazy for Legos. It is amazing to watch you dedicate such time and energy to creating these Lego kits.

I love to watch you play sports. I love to listen to you read. I enjoy watching you play with other kids. You love to learn. I hope You never stop Wanting to learn.

You are such a good kid and a great big brother. So funny and sweet. You love donuts and chicken wings (not together of course).

Happy birthday to you my Little Man. I love the boy you are and cannot wait to know the man you will become.


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