Little Joys

My daughter has always been a bit strong willed.  During her preschool years, I really did not push the whole writing  letters and numbers thing.  She was very resistant to work with me.  At preschool, she was more willing.  But not with Mommy.  I believe this stems from her perfectionist personality.  Knowing she wouldn't make her letters "perfect" she didn't want to take the time to try.  Since she was in preschool and being exposed to written letters and I knew that she would be learning to read and write once she got to Kindergarten, I did not force her to work with me.  Maybe I was chicken.  Of course I didn't want to deal with the drama that would surely be involved if I had forced her to practice writing.  But mostly, I feared that forcing her to practice writing would turn her off of school. So, I didn't.

We are almost one month into school and I cannot believe the change in my little one.  A few weeks ago, she was scribbling line after line after line on notebook paper.  She would fill an entire piece of paper with very neat rows of scribble.  The past few days, she has been writing line after line of very nicely written letters.  The letters do not actually spell very many words and that is okay with me.   The words will come.  Probably quickly.  Just to see the transformation from no writing, to scribble to letters has been so exciting.  All this in just the first few weeks of school!  I am looking forward to all she is going to learn this year.  I'm pretty sure that this kiddo is going to love reading once she figures out how to "read" those letters she is learning to write. Her world is about to explode with new understanding.

It is so amazing to see this transformation in my children as they grow and their knowledge expands.  They really are like little sponges, soaking up the information around them.  It's kind of sad to think my babies are growing up but each age brings new things and this stage is the beginning of all the school learning they will experience.  This makes me feel proud of my kiddos, and brings a smile to my heart.

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