Is it worth it?

This has been a very productive day for me around the house. I have been a laundry machine...washed, folded AND put away. I have swept the stairs, cleaned three bathrooms, dusted the house and continually straightened up after the Mini's. So, after I put the groceries away, I made the choice to sit down and relax.

The choice was to relax versus unloading the dishwasher. I really hate waking up to dishes in the sink. I feel like I'm behind the next day from the moment I wake up. But...I was still going to sit down and relax. I am going to the gym super early in the morning, so I'll have hours later in the morning (after the sun comes up) to unload the dishes.

So, I sit down. And I spend so much time, avoiding the dishwasher. I can't read the book I have sitting beside me. I am not really interested in the normal websites that usually entertain me. And I have to keep reminding myself it is okay to let the dishes wait until tomorrow.

This was how I found myself unloading the dishwasher at 9:30 on a Sunday night. It only took a few minutes and then it was all done. While I was busy putting dishes away, it occured to me, I could have been lost in my book long before now if I had just taken care of the dishes before I sat down. Oh well. It figures, I try to give myself a break and all I accomplished was added stress.

Oh well, I still get the rush of knowing that my house is clean. I love starting the week with my big housework already done. Makes me smile and feel like my week is off to a good start. I'm a better mommy too because I can focus on my kiddos instead of the mental list of the "jobs" I feel I need to get done.

Ever have a moment like that? A moment where you couldn't turn your mind off so you could just relax for a bit. Did you force yourself to "be still" or did you finally get up and do the thing you were trying to give yourself a break from?

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