Confessions of a coffee addict

This is my new coffee mug. It was washed and put away yesterday. This morning I opened the cabinet and saw it. The words on this mug makes me smile :)

I love coffee. A lot. I started drinking it in college. A cup here and a cup there. I would drink it every morning during the summer to start my work day.

Then I had children. One cup became two. Then two became three or four. I'm sure I could cut back if I wanted but why would I want to do that?

I really like the smell of coffee. It is a comforting smell to me. And there is nothing like the first sip of coffee each morning. That sip alone is super special to me. I drink my coffee alone. This coffee is more to wake up. I drink coffee socially. Coffee at this time is more fun. It isn't so much about waking up as it is about sharing time and conversation with my friends. A lot of bonding takes place over a warm cup of coffee.

One of my great disappointments is that Andy does not drink coffee. He has never tried it but he doesn't like coffee breath so much that he says he never will. Guess he married the wrong girl, haha. I would love to share our quiet mornings over a cup of coffee. But this isn't going to happen. He teases me about wanting to become addicted to caffeine. I joke back about my daydreams of sharing coffee and conversation with my children when they are old enough, around age 12.

Seriously though I have a very fond memory of my hubby and coffee. About 3 1/2 years ago I had hip surgery. That sucked. But I had the surgery and recovered. That first week or so, Andy had to do just about everything for me, which also sucked. But he made my coffee for me. Every cup I had. I don't know why this brings back such warm feelings. Maybe because I know how much he doesn't like coffee.

Coffee is great stuff. It is wakes me up. It is comforting to me. It brings friends together. I enjoy my cup(s) of coffee so much that I wanted to name my blog after it.

That's all for now. It's time to refill my new coffee mug!

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