BC Day 29

Day 29: 3 Wishes

If I had 3 wishes to make, it would be very hard to pick.  When I think of making wishes, I think of the Genie from Aladdin.  Or about wishing on a star.  These are nice thoughts, cute in fact.  But if I was really granted 3 wishes to come true, what would I pick?

1. I wish that the world (both in our community and across the globe) was a safer place.  It scares me how much danger seems to be in the world around us.  I want my kids to grow up without knowing certain fears.  I don't know if the dangers are new or if we are just more aware of them.

2. I wish that we could figure out what is missing from our educational programs so that our children were not struggling so much from year to year.  And that we could achieve academically what other countries seem to be able to accomplish.

3.  For my third wish, I will be a little more creative.  I wish pets could talk.  Wouldn't it be great when your pet was barking or constantly meowing, if you knew what they were saying?  If they are in pain, you would know where.  If you left the dog outside, then the kitty would say, "hey mom, Peanut is ready to come back in" instead of "meow! meow! meow! meeeeooooowwww!"  (true story, that really has happened, more than once)  I am an animal lover.  Before I had kids, I talked to my animals all the time.  Since having kids....I still talk to my animals all the time.  Silly wish I suppose, but since I don't believe wishes come true, and I'd love to talk with my four legged babies, I figure why not?

Okay peeps, this is it, only one more post in this 30 Day Blog Challenge!  I don't know who is more excited about that, the great people who stop by to read Java Talk or me ;)  Check back tomorrow for the final post in this challenge.

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