BC Day 28

Day 28: Something that stresses you out.

Hmmm...yeah, this took about 4 seconds to pin down.  Not sure what that says about me, but here goes.  I love my exercise.  I'm not a fanatic.  I just enjoy having my one hour a day, five days a week to work myself as hard as I can.  It feels great to just be active and sweat (boy do I sweat!).  Here is where the stress comes in.

The child care room at the YMCA.  One very important reason I chose to become a member of the Y is because they have childcare that is part of the membership.  This is great, right?  Sure it is.  When it isn't FULL!!!!!  I cannot tell you how stressful the ride to the gym, swiping my membership card and turning the corner towards the childcare room is for me.  I dread looking up to see if the FULL sign is up or if I'm one of the lucky ones.  There are days, my stomach gets really twisted up over this.

What's the big deal?  For me this is a HUGE deal.  There was a time, when nothing got done until I did my workout.  I felt frantic, like if I didn't exercise right away, I wouldn't do it at all.  Years later, I am not so hung up on when.  I know I'll do it.  I pretty much have a regular routine.  The time of day may change depending on what class I want to take each day.  I love that I can take something different every day.  That was the biggest reason I joined the Y.  Followed by the child care.  But if I plan on taking a class at one time, and then I can't get my kiddos into child care, it makes me crazy.  I get very angry.  Quickly.

I am a paying member.  Child care is a part of our membership.  I feel that the Y should recognize that during the day, stay at home moms are regulars and then count on more workers in the child watch room during those hours.  It makes me furious that I got us all up and out of the house, drove there, I'm all ready to workout....and then I have to wait.

To get around this, I have started showing up about 40 mins before my hour class so that I'm "pretty sure" I'll be able to get my kiddo in.  That is ridiculous I know.  And I feel bad for my daughter who has to stay in there for so long, but it is the only way I can see around this problem.  If I show up that early, I don't usually find the much hated "FULL" sign and if it is up, I can still get my kiddo in before my class starts.

If it weren't for the stress of "will there be room today?" my experience at the Y has been great.  I love the variety of classes.  The instructors are great.  I've met a lot of fun people.  I have looked into other gyms more than once because of this problem with child care.  Unfortunately, the other places didn't offer classes when I needed them or when I tried the classes at the other gyms, I was very disappointed.  So at the Y I will stay.  And for now, I will continue to show up about 40  mins. early.  Definitely not ideal but it is how I've learned to keep this stress to a minimum. Lucky for me, I've got a great kiddo who is very patient.

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