BC Day 27

Day 27: The city you live in

                                                                                                                                                                                      I live in Mechanicsburg, Pa.  From a quick search on Google, I learned that  Mechanicsburg was named after a settlement of mechanics who made and repaired Conestoga wagons.  I think that is pretty interesting.  I never thought about where the name came from.  On New Year's Eve, in town, they drop a big wrench...or so I'm told.  My kiddos are still too young to be out all night so I've never seen it.  Mechanicsburg is known for  Jubilee Day.  This is the largest and longest running one-day fair on the east coast.  The east coast covers a lot of land.  I think that is pretty impressive.

Mechanicsburg is in a great location.  We are minutes from our state capital, Harrisburg.  We are close to Gettysburg.  We are 2 hours or less from Philadelphia and Baltimore.  New York City isn't much further.  We seem to be close to just about anything.  We have a small city nearby (Harrisburg), we have farms and mountains.  A major river, state parks with lakes, and even a cavern you can tour are all just a short car ride.

If you are interested in the Civil War, this is a very interesting area to visit.  There were several skirmishes that took place in Mechanicsburg and the surrounding areas.  There are signs all over the roads that explain the significance of this building or that building from the Civil War era.  I once took a  ride on the riverboat and listened to a lecture on the lesser known history of this area.

Neither Andy or I are from Mechanicsburg.  We moved to Harrisburg right out of college.  Three years later we moved to Mechanicsburg.  We are very happy here.  I think this is a great place for us to raise our family and hopefully grow old together.

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