BC Day 24

Day 24: Something that I've learned
I feel like "something I've learned" is pretty vague.  Since when?  In college, I learned to study effectively.  In marriage, I've learned to compromise.  As a mother, I've learned that perfection doesn't exist.  Since losing over 70 lbs, I've learned that I truly enjoy my exercise time each day.

Since the Mini's started school a few short weeks ago, I learned that I do not do well with being on my own.  This is a strange feeling for me.  To  feel lost.  Each week day, I have a really busy morning which is pretty typical for our house.  Then after lunch, I get my daughter to the bus stop...and then what to do?  That is the question.  I'm not sure yet.

I'm just wondering around aimlessly.  Literally.  Usually I find myself at the mall or good old Target.  Unfortunately, this leads to some unnecessary spending.  If I do not end up pumping money into the local economy, I land at one of my friends' houses.  I sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and visit.  Which is really nice.  I don't need to be entertained, I just need to not be by myself.   I just don't seem able to go home and relax.  Or clean or read, or anything.

This realization has been surprising for me.   Both of my kiddos went to preschool.  Looking back, the time they were at school, was my busy time.  Now, my busy time is still busy, its the afternoon that is wide open.   When the kids are home, they are pretty self-sufficient so I don't know what the problem is.  The one really good thing about my quiet time is that I definitely feel rested by the time they get off of the bus.  Which means I have a lot more energy (and a better attitude) as I tackle the last part of the day.

Soon, I will be able to help out in the classrooms.  That will help.  And I'm going to look into the adoption agency where we got our greyhound and see if they have any need for volunteers.  I know I will find ways to fill my time.  I know it is only the third week of school.  In the meantime, I just need to be patient with myself.  Stay home for short periods of time and for goodness sake...stay out of the stores!

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