BC Day 21

Day 21: Something you could never get tired of doing
There are lots of things I like to do.  I really enjoy watching movies.  I don't scrapbook very often but when I do, it feels good and I like seeing something I've created.  I enjoy my exercise time.  I love to sing.  I could probably think of many other things I find entertaining as well as rewarding in some way.  But if I had to choose one thing, that I could never get tired of doing...I would have to say, reading.

I can pick up a book at any time.  I may read for five minutes or two hours.  There is just something about opening up a book (or turning on my Kindle) and being pulled into a story for a little while.  I love the feeling of being caught up in a story.  Almost as an observer of these people as they experience whatever the author has written for them.

There is one thing that has changed when it comes to my time for reading. Surprisingly, it isn't really the amount of time I read.  Yes, I have children, but I still read a lot.  I wake up almost an hour early each morning so I can read in peace while I drink my first (and sometimes second) cup of coffee.  Also, I hardly watch any TV anymore.  I'm just not interested.  So, I sit down and read pretty much from the time the Mini's go to bed until I go to bed.  I spend my evenings like this most of the week.  That is a lot of reading.  I read a few books a week.

Another thing that has changed over the years when it comes to this hobby of mine is that I give myself the freedom to walk away from a book.  Most of my life, I felt obligated to finish every book.  Even if I didn't like the book, I stuck with it.  If it took me days or in some cases weeks, I still finished it.  Over the past year or two, I have realized, I do not have to finish every book I start.  I open every book ready to jump in and absorb the story.  Sometimes, that just doesn't happen.  And when it doesn't, I put it down and start the next book.  There are just too many books to read.  I don't need to waste my precious time forcing myself to finish a book that doesn't resonate with me.

Many avid readers feel that a book should be kept in pristine condition.  For years, I too felt this way.  But I have thoughts have changed in this matter as well.  Now, I love to see a dog eared book.  To me, those turned down pages represent something touched and enjoyed.  If the cover wears thin or has creases, that tells me this book has been read by many and will most likely be a good book.

Believe it or not.  I hated to read when I was young.  It was work.  I didn't like it.  I had to be forced to do it.  I did not read my first book by choice until I was in 8th grade.  But then, my world changed.  All through high school, I read a book a day.  I was totally a book worm.  That's okay.  I'm still a book worm.  And I hope my kiddos will both learn to enjoy reading for fun.

What is something you will never get tired of doing?

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