BC Day 20

Day 20: Something you're looking forward to

Without much thought, it occurred to me one thing I am looking forward to.  Don't laugh.  It's not funny.  I am looking forward to the day I realize that I've gone through most of the day without having to nag my kids to do something four or five times before they do it.  I said...don't laugh!  I know, it isn't very original.  I also know I'm not alone in this but I get so tired of repeating myself.  Not only do I have to nag to get stuff done.  I nag about the same stuff, day after day!

"Put your shoes away", "Pick up the clothes off of your floor", "Put your dishes on the counter", "Brush your teeth", "Clean up the playroom".  If you give me a minute, I'll think of a lot more.  But you get the picture.  Seriously, aren't they tired of hearing me say the same things over and over and over and over...?   I'm tired of hearing myself say the same directives.

It's not like I'm being unreasonable in what I expect.  Also, I don't mind giving a friendly reminder but the same things every day?  So what I look forward to is the day my little ones put their shoes away (where they belong), pick up the clothes on their floor, bring their dishes to the counter, have already brushed their teeth and have taken care of cleaning up the playroom.  I have no idea when that day will come, but this mommy has to believe that day is in my future.  On that day, I will celebrate inside and congratulate the kids on being responsible and taking care of business.  On that day, I may even do the I Didn't Have To Tell Them To... Dance.  You never know what a mommy who feels victorious is capable of.  And on that day, I will probably also realize that while they have finally figured out how to avoid the nagging on these simple every day topics, we will already  have discovered a whole new list of things that I get to nag about.  Gotta love being a mommy, housekeeper, lunch maker, laundry doer, schedule keeper and every thing else that fits under the description of being a Mom.

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