BC Day 19

Day 19: Something you miss

I am an animal person.  I grew up with cats.  I love them.  I have two cats and a dog.  Marty is the first cat we got.  We got him right after Andy and I got married.  He is 11yrs. old  now.  For years, every night when I went to bed, he would climb on my chest.  He would nuzzle my cheeks and neck for a minute or two.  And he would purr while he did this.  I used to say he was "tucking me in".  This was a nightly ritual.  I loved this little snuggle each night.

Then when I was pregnant with one of my children (I can't remember which one), it got too uncomfortable to have him climbing on me while I was laying down.  He was persistent.  Night after night, he jumped up.  And then every night, I would push him down.  Eventually, he stopped.  When we moved, we started sleeping with our bedroom door shut because it is safer in case of a fire.  If the door is shut, then there are no kitties allowed in the room.

Every so often, I will climb into bed and think about how Marty used to "tuck me in".  It is a silly little thing, but in those moments, I miss my nightly Marty snuggle.

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