BC Day 18

Day 18: My Favorite Place to Eat

Confession time...I love to eat out.  As healthy as I try to be each day, I would rather eat out than eat at home.  Any day. Even though I love to cook for my family (most of the time), I'd still choose to eat at a restaurant if given the chance.  For me, it is so much more than just filling my belly.  It is a social experience.  I might be with my family, just one of my kiddos or with a friend.  It doesn't matter to me.  I enjoy getting together and sharing a meal with people I care about.

My favorite place to eat depends on what I feel like eating.  There is a local place called Cafe Magnolia and I probably choose this place the most when I get to eat without the Mini's.  Although, I have taken the kids to eat here many times over the years.  I enjoy the South of the Border salad with Cajun Chicken.  I've tried a few other things and they have been tasty but I always go back to my favorite.

If I'm looking for a Turkey Burger, I like to go to Ruby Tuesday's or Garfield's.  For pizza, I like some local shops.  I don't really like one more than another, but I prefer pizzeria pizza over the famous chains such as Dominoes or Pizza Hut.   Chinese is always yummy so Chef Wong's gets my business when I am in the mood for Chicken and Broccoli.

The restaurant that we as a family frequent the most is probably Isaac's Deli.  This is super close to our house (about 2 mins.) and I feel we can eat pretty healthy if we go here.  There is something about a great sandwich and a green salad.  And I have not found a tomato soup I like anywhere else as much as I like the Pepper Jack Tomato Soup at Isaac's.

Now I have all these delicious foods on my mind.  This week I am meeting a friend for lunch at a Thai restaurant that we both really like.  This should be fun and I'm really looking forward to this lunch date.

What is your favorite place to eat?  Is it a local establishment or a well known chain?

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