BC Day 17

Day 17: Dream House

I know this sounds hokey, but I do believe I live in my dream house.  Our house is much bigger than necessary.  We have enough room for the four people, three pets and two fish.  And there is lots of space left over.  Our basement is unfinished but some day, we will tackle that project.  That addition will only add to this place I call home.

I love the floor plan of my first floor.  It is very open and flows nicely.  We have lived here almost 5 years and I often think to myself as I climb up or walk down the stairs that I am so fortunate to live in my "perfect home".  There is always something that needs work done.  May be a repair or some other type of improvement.  My ideas for each room may change.  But I wouldn't change anything about the size, shape or design of my home.

Over the past few years, Andy has worked very hard to create a beautiful backyard for us to enjoy.  The flowerbeds, the pergola, the fountain and the patio.  I call this my "favorite room of the house" for several months of the year.

I guess, if I was going to dream big, I would like my house to be close to the beach.  I love the beach.  I would love to sit on my patio at night and hear the sounds of the waves crashing into the sand.  Sounds like a nice dream.  Although, I am quite happy with my little fountain that has that calm, quiet constant sound in the background.  I'm very happy with the home we have chosen to raise our family in.  Once again I am reminded how blessed I am.

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  1. I love your house too :) How come I can't get Java Talk to update in my Google Reader, any idea?


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