BC Day 16

Day 16: Sometime when you've felt satisfied with your life.

I am a very blessed woman. I have a healthy family. I get to stay home and care for my family and home. I have every thing I need and so much more (that is really an understatement). I am very content with my life. Which is a great thing to be able to say.

But if I had to pick one moment that I felt satisfied with my life, I would pick a time that was very recent. It was August 24, 2011. It was about 12:45 in the afternoon. Pretty specific, huh? What happened on that day and at that time that left me feeling satisfied with my life?

My little girl got on the school bus and rode away for her first day of kindergarden. Earlier that day I had dropped my son off at school for his first day of "all day school". He was so excited to go to first grade. He waited his whole year in kindergarden to be able to eat his lunch at school. I knew he was happy and safe and enjoying being a big kid.

So a few hours later, I put my youngest child on a school bus to begin her career as a student. She is my quiet one. She is very reserved and self controlled. She was nervous and a little bit excited. This is the child who last year insisted she was not going to kindergarden and that she was going to tell her teacher she was not going to do homework. Anyway, I'm nervous for my little one but I'm also very excited. At the bus stop, there is one other girl. We all stood there and waited. I wasn't sure how she was going to act when the bus arrived. Would she be clingy or would there be tears?

The bus turned the corner and to my relief, she broke out into this beautiful smile. She followed her classmate onto the bus and they sat together. As the bus pulled away, both girls were looking back at their moms...grinning ear to ear.

At this moment, I felt complete contentment. Both of the Mini's were off to start a new year filled with excitement. It was bittersweet of course. And I felt pretty lost all afternoon not knowing what to do with myself. But I was at peace with them being gone. I had more than survived the moment of putting my daughter on the bus. I truly enjoyed the moment. I even spent the next 3 1/2 hours with a silly grin on my face as I called family and friends to share the story of our first day of school. On this day, both of my children made my heart smile.

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