BC Day 15

We interrupt this Blog Challenge to bring you a different topic for today....

Ok, that was fun. So today is Friday. The Mini's have finished the first seven school days and they have off today and Monday for the Labor Day holiday. This is our first school day that we have off!

To my surprise, Andy called me yesterday and suggested he take a half day today and we can surprise the kiddos and take them to Hershey Park for the afternoon. I'm so excited! They are going to be so surprised :) He doesn't even want to tell them where we are going. They will figure it out while we are on the way (we don't live far) but they will be crazy happy when they realize our destination.

New topic...

Before school started, I took the kiddos to a very unique toy store that is in the area. Great place. Not only is this a toy store, in the back they have a room where you can paint your own pottery. I got to bring our pieces home yesterday. I was very pleased with how everything came out.

I had no intention of doing my own project but when we got there and I saw all the choices, I couldn't help myself. Can you guess what this Java Junkie chose to do? Here is a clue, I didn't need a piggy bank and I am not the horse crazy one in this house, haha!

Wow, how is that for random? Just some fun stuff I felt like sharing :). I'm looking forward to making memories with my family during this long holiday break.

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