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I have a young girl come over to watch my kiddos three days a week while I take my classes at the gym. This is a nice arrangement. I don't have to drag the kids along all five days. I don't have to worry about getting there and finding the Child Watch room is full. And the kiddos have fun at home with a sitter.

Today, my oldest got to work and drew a map on the driveway. Yesterday, I suggested the idea and we talked about what things you would find in a town (a park, houses, bank, etc). The weather didn't cooperate yesterday but today while I was gone, he got busy.

The map didn't fit in one picture, but that's okay. I told him to spread out and make it big. I was proud of his map. This is the first time I've had him do anything like this project. He included houses, a post office, a park, a pond, a lake and the white house (no, we don't live in D.C.).

He is not my overly creative child. Although, he does love maps. This kid will pick up a map to anywhere...a themepark, a state park, a zoo, it doesn't matter. He studies them and keeps them to pull out later.

This was a fun activity for him and a great way for him to spend some time outside using sidewalk chalk. I know when Daddy gets home he will be very excited to show Daddy the map he drew for his made up town. Good job Little Man!

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