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My daughter and I drove almost 8 hours to visit my sister recently. We had a great time during our "girl's trip". One of the things we did while staying with my sister is go to a local children's museum.

I was impressed with this museum for many reasons. But one exhibit really caught my attention.

It was a mini gym. Really. It was. I had never seen anything like it before. My little one went right over and got started. Here is a picture collage I made that includes a few pieces of the equipment.

I was impressed with how my little one jumped right on and got to work. My sister and I grabbed a seat and essentially watched my kiddo do a circuit workout.

I thought this was special museum equipment but got curious so I pulled out my ever present iPhone and did a google search. This equipment is available to the public. And I was even more surprised that it was very affordable.

Wow! My mind started spinning. Andy and I are both regular exercisers. We workout in our own ways five days a week. The kids know this. They know what we do. And they love to "play" with some of our equipment. I'm always very cautious because I don't want anyone to get hurt.

So, wouldn't it be great to have some exercise equipment that is safe for them to use? Yeah! Right?

Before I pushed the "quick buy" button on the amazon app, I had a few thoughts. First, I fear people would think that we were exercise fanatics and we would be judged for providing Mini-sized gym equipment for our children. Second, and more importantly, I realized the kids would outgrow this equipment pretty fast so it probably wasn't as good an idea as I wanted it to be.

I like that our kids know their parents exercise. They know how we exercise. And they know we enjoy our exercise. I also like that they like to "play" with our equipment. They are too young to allow on our treadmill or to use the weight bench. But they see their parents using these things as well as much more to stay healthy. I don't know what the appropriate age is to allow the kids to safely use the equipment. I do want to encourage them to stay active and continue to play with my mats, balls, free weights and steps while I am around to supervise.

Exercise is something I hated to do until I was in my late 20s. And I had to work extremely hard to change my lifestyle to get rid of all the extra weight I want them to see exercise as normal and healthy and fun. Something we do most days for ourselves for so many reasons. Being active as kids is a lot easier than when we are adults. But when gymnastics and soccer are over, they need to find other ways to exercise and be active. I doubt we will buy any mini equipment but seeing it got me thinking about what my husband and I are doing to teach our children about exercise. Just another topic that isn't covered in the Parenting Manual we all didn't get.

Here's a question. What do you think about mini exercise equipment? Is it a gimmick or a wise investment into the health of future adults?

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  1. I think it is a gimmick and you were wise to wait before buying. Kids have all the equipment they need, and except for a weight bench, so do we for that matter. The hard part is getting them interested in going outside to do something active. I still think that trampoline idea would be a great thing to get them out, and now they come with wheels!


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