Keep It To Yourself

Time to vent. This is something that makes me so angry I don't think straight. So let me give you some advice as a former fat girl.

DO NOT comment on what someone else is eating. EVER. I do not understand how people feel they are justified in commenting on what you have on your plate. And be warned, do not do it to me. I will not be nice in my response.

Yes, I realize this is a sensitive issue for me. I have food issues. You don't weigh over 200 pounds without food issues. Now, six years later, I weigh a lot less. I'm fit, I'm healthy. And I still I've got some food issues. They look different but I have come to realize they will probably always be there.

I spent many years feeling like everyone watched every bite that I ate. It was awful. I'm not saying people were, I just felt that way.

But, you would not believe how many times people, loved ones as well as strangers, comment on the food on my plate.

Who do these people think they are? What gives them the right to judge what I eat? I worked very hard to get where I am and I do not need someone saying something stupid when I allow myself to indulge. Joke or not. I would never say anything about what you are eating, so leave my plate alone!

Let me suggest you keep your comments to yourself. You may feel you are being funny but you have no idea how it will be perceived. I understand it is my baggage that is a problem and I should relax but the very fact that this has happened more than once with different people has definitely made this a sore spot with me.

Think about it. There is really no reason for you to make such comments, so don't. Let the fat or skinny person who catches your eye. It's none of your business. Just enjoy what you have before you.

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