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As a mom, it is hard to know how much freedom to give the kids on the Internet.  I know there are programs out there to filter and prohibit certain sites on your computer but we haven't invested in any of these yet.  First of all, I have been hesitant to introduce my son to ANOTHER screen which I will have to monitor his time using.

Several months ago my mom suggested a search engine called, Kidzui.  This is a search engine for kids.  It is a free download and then when you start up the computer, the kiddos click on the "K" instead of "E" or the Google Chrome Icon.  This is a completely kid friendly search engine.  They can play games, do Internet searches, watch shows, etc.  It really is a great idea.  It is simple to use.  My children do not understand how to search for things on the Internet yet, but they can click on a show, or play the games. I also really like that this browser is not geared to preschool aged kids.  My children are too old to be interested in that type of entertainment.  The games and shows they can watch are definitely age appropriate for them (don't be put off by the image of Grover in my pic of the browser above).

I think their favorite thing to do is watch the YouTube videos that are available.  I have seen many of these funny videos with my Mini's.  They love them.  They just click from one video to another.  Most of the videos have been about animals.  But they are all cute or funny.  Another reason I love this browser is that it seems to keep the peace between my youngins.  They are at the ages now, (5 and almost 7) where they play nice one minute and things get unsettled quickly.  Playing on this site has been a great activity for them to do happily together.  And THAT makes this mommy happy :)

I know that pretty soon I will have to look further into filtering our Internet and teaching my children how to use the net safely.  But for now, I am thrilled to have this browser on our computer.  I don't know who created it but I am so thankful to that person(s).

How have you introduced the Internet to your children?  I'd love any suggestions.

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  1. What a great thing! This is exactly what we need. Thanks, Dawn!


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