Feeling sentimental

Tonight I had THAT moment. I've had it with my son several times. But tonight I had this moment with my daughter.

It's the moment when you look at your child and see that they are growing up too fast.

All the sudden, I'm saying these like..."soon you'll be going to school, then driving, going to prom, having boyfriends, college,etc.". I know, she is only five and I was rushing through the lineup of her life. But it was THE moment. I think I'm allowed.

Everyone hears about how fast it goes. And I can say that the first five years have gone by quickly from experience. (almost 7 years for my son) Having this moment tonight has me thinking about how I want our relationship to look 20 years from now. I know my job is to be her parent and I have a feeling over the next decade that is going to be challenging. But I look forward to when she is grown and we can be friends. I'm not in a hurry for this to happen but as her future unfolded in my mind, I was able to see the other side to where we could be friends.

For now I have to do my best to see that she is the best person she can be. That she knows she is loved and supported. I have to teach her how to love the Lord as well as others. And enjoy each day with my little girl.

Have you ever had one of THOSE moments?

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