BC Day 9

Day 9: A habit you wish you didn't have

I worry.  A lot.  If I could change my habit of worrying, I would.  I used to worry about safety, health and future of my husband, my pets and myself.  Then I had kids and I have to work VERY hard sometimes not to be overwhelmed with anxiousness over what could or might happen.  And it is such a waste of time and energy to worry.  It is also counterproductive.  

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.  ~Leo Buscaglia

Most days, I do okay.  I can usually tell when I'm starting to cross the line into irrational territory.  I've learned a few ways to help me cope when it gets to that point.  Don't get me wrong, it is good to think things through.  To be prepared.  Its when you get consumed with the "what if's" that is a problem.  And, worry alone, never changes the outcome.  

As a kid, I can remember laying in bed and thinking, "If there was a fire, what would I take?" I thought on this enough that I went so far as to gather a few of my precious belongings and store them under my bed for quick access if I should need to "grab and run".  I've never had a house fire.  

Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere.  ~Glenn Turner

I don't want to teach my children to worry.  Its important to think ahead and to be able to solve problems.  Some situations take a bit more effort to work through.  This is not the kind of worry that I'd like to be rid of.  Like I said before, I am doing better with this problem of worrying.  But it can be a real struggle some times to just "let it go" and wait and see how things are going to work out.  I am definitely a planner.  And I'm a bit of a control freak.  I am a fixer.  When things are out of my control, I become very stressed.  These things are not all bad.  There are some areas of life where these qualities are a blessing.  Its in the other areas that I am working very hard to be more flexible and trust in the Lord to handle my fears and worry.  I am learning to trust Him.  Some days are easier than others.  One day at a time.  I know I wasn't created to suffer from chronic worry.  This is a hard habit to break.  I'll probably always struggle with this on some level but I'm trying.  Imagine...a life without worry.  

It only seems as if you are doing something when you're worrying.  ~Lucy Maud Montgomery

What are some other bad habits that we should aim to overcome?  You don't need to tell a story, but lets see if we can create a list of habits we wish we didn't have.  Leave a comment below...

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