BC Day 4

Day 4- Your parents or siblings.

A recent picture of my parents, sister and I.
My mom and dad are still married after almost 35 years. That is a wonderful accomplishment in our culture today. They are very hard workers who have done so much for my sister and I. As well as for my Grammy who lives with them and my family too.

When Andy and I are in a bind, mom and dad are often who we call for backup. Whether ceiling fans need installed, a pergola needs to be built or we need a babysitter. We try very hard not to take advantage of the Grandparent Card but if it works out, they enjoy being able to help us.

I am the oldest of two girls. My sister has recently finished her Residency program and in a few short weeks, she will be practicing medicine on her own. How exciting! She is an experienced world traveller. And has the desire to help an serve people.

Growing up, my sister and I had friends but we also enjoyed spending time with our family. We often went to the movies as a family and as I got older we started to eat out together. It was a nice way to grow up. We certainly had our share of family angst but we always knew that we were loved. Tense moments passed and now that we are all older, we are all friends. Again, I am a very blessed daughter/sister.

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